Quick Gardens is going to Video

I have created a Youtube channel for this blog so everyone can follow the garden project in a more interactive way. I am finding it is much easier to show the process in video than try to explain it in writing. Click here for the Quick GardensYoutube channel to keep updated on the latest helpful tips, the good and bad, my cat and the Give A Garden Project. I created this blog for all those who would like to grow there own food no matter where they are. Here is the first video that started it all. Click here to view more videos.



Update Vegetable Garden Video

Here is an updated video from late September. It’s really turned hot and muggy since this video. It must be an Indian Summer. The Garden is much larger now which you will see on the next video coming soon.

October Days in the Garden

It’s getting hot again. Today it is 95 degrees in the middle of October. Check out some of the growing items that will soon be on the menu. Also check out one of the wonders that visited the garden. I already ate the green beans and still waiting for the peas.

Spaghetti Squash




Baby Moon and Stars watermelon

waterm 1

Alien visitor

Big Dragon fly

October garden

October garden

Update for Fall Vegetable Garden

This is fun. Tomatoes have been scarce this year. It looks like the rainy days are over, weather is cooling and veggies are growing. How is your garden doing?

Here is a list of what I’ve planted this fall.

Mortgage lifter and super beefsteak tomatoes, butternut, buttercup and Spaghetti squash, Zucchini, Blue lake beans, Amish snap peas, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Broccoli, Chocolate peppers and Ice box watermelon.



Fall Vegetable garden

Fall is here and we are planting tomatoes, broccoli, Squash, cucumbers, and watermelon. The garden has been upgraded and is almost there. Check out the video. I hope it inspires you to grow your own garden.

Vegetable Garden Update 10

The Icebox Watermelon is about ready for harvest. Pulled tomato plants and planted Southern beans and zucchini squash.
Check it out.

Holes in My Cucumbers The Pickle Worm

So what are those holes in the cucumbers. Pickle worms of course.

Pickle worms ravage squash and cucumbers and cantaloupe by burrowing into the fruit and having a feast. It’s almost July in Florida and they come in bunches. I usually spot them first by the “frass” or poop on leaves and stems. I also look for holes in the fruit. I you are lucky you can catch them before any real damage is done.

Trying to eliminate them is tough because they are protected inside the vegetable or fruit. That’s why I have everything screened in. I still get a trickle or two of them but the numbers are way down compared to last year when I didn’t screen.

Here are some organic ways I handle the beasties.

1. Screen the crops

2. Plant early, pick early

3. Hand pick them and squish them – Yuck!

4. Spray Bacillus Thuriengensis (BT) (which is organic) on leaves and flowers.

5. Gather them, put them in containers and give them to the neighborhood kids. They love watching them grow and turn into moths. lol