Basil in a bowl

Basil from the vegetable garden is kept fresh on the top of the kitchen counter using a simple bowl half filled with water. It smell wonderful and tastes even better on sandwiches, for cooking and eventually a pesto sauce which I have yet to do. The addition of fresh herbs is changing the way we cook and eat at our house. What do you do with Basil?

Basil in a bowel


Tomato colors

Tomatoes can be so colorful in their different stages of development. I have been harvesting the tomatoes early before cracking and molds set in. Florida humidity can cause a range of bad tomato issues. We had a dry spring but humidity has jumped off the charts. They taste great and make for good salsa.

Pink Ponderosa tomato

Tomatoes either grow well in Florida or don’t grow at all. Some crack, some rot, some produce. I received a pack of  pink ponderosa tomato seed as a freebie from Baker Creek Seeds. It so far is the best producing tomato plant I have grown other than the Robeson tomato. I am amazed how big the tomato is. No cracking problems and does well in the Florida heat. It is over 6 ft tall and still going. This tomato is bigger than my hand.

Paul Robeson tomato

Tomatoes are fun to grow. Here is a unique tomato originally from Siberia so it’s amazing how well it grows here in Florida. You can learn more by clicking here at

Green tomatoes rotting

Green tomatoes rotting is something new I am experiencing this year. Does this look familiar to anyone. I picked it early after a heavy rain started some of the unripe tomatoes cracking.

It could be a calcium deficiency or disease. Its rotting from the top vs the bottom. The odd thing is the rotting started after I picked it. Let me know what you think. Click on the picture to get a larger view.          

Vegetable garden friends

Vegetable gardens are fun. A quick hello to all of you who I have met and am meeting. So many of us are growing our own food around the country in our small backyards, it’s crazy. For me it is heartwarming to meet folks like you and hear your stories.

Quick Gardens is going to Video

I have created a Youtube channel for this blog so everyone can follow the garden project in a more interactive way. I am finding it is much easier to show the process in video than try to explain it in writing. Click here for the Quick GardensYoutube channel to keep updated on the latest helpful tips, the good and bad, my cat and the Give A Garden Project. I created this blog for all those who would like to grow there own food no matter where they are. Here is the first video that started it all. Click here to view more videos.


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