Butternut Squash

Awesome. My neighbor though it was a decoration. lol 🙂 This was all I got. Summers in Florida seem not be conducive to the winter squash family.  Fall will be fun though. IMG_3323


I spoke to soon. The squash plant is coming back. I trimmed most of the sickly looking leaves and transplanted it from the container to the raised box full of compost. New healthy leaves are growing with flowers and fruit popping up.


Vegetable Garden After The Rain

Here is the vegetable garden after the rain.

Rain Rain Rain

A 100 year rain event. One solid week of rain. It’s like being in Asia during the rainy season. I have a feeling it will take its toll on the plants . It’s so humid here the plants have little time to dry off. The mortgage lifter tomatoes may end up the first casualty. They were growing so well. Good news though. The watermelon plants are loving it.

rain 2

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