Thai five star cucumber

Thai Five Star Cucumbers come from Thailand. They are good tasting and crisp, though not as crisp and prolific as the Chinese yellow cucumber. The leaves cucumber early to mold. One plant yielded 12 cucumbers. I will not give it a five star rating for Florida, but it will probably do well in hot less humid conditions.


Chinese Yellow Cucumber

Chinese yellow cucumbers are now my friends and family favorite cucumber. I’m not a cucumber fan. These cucumbers are different because of their crispness like that of an apple. It is sweet all the way through. It is also the most prolific and disease free cucumber I have ever grown in florida. Three plants gave us over 70 cucumbers. Amazing. We will definitely grow these next summer.

Quick Gardens is going to Video

I have created a Youtube channel for this blog so everyone can follow the garden project in a more interactive way. I am finding it is much easier to show the process in video than try to explain it in writing. Click here for the Quick GardensYoutube channel to keep updated on the latest helpful tips, the good and bad, my cat and the Give A Garden Project. I created this blog for all those who would like to grow there own food no matter where they are. Here is the first video that started it all. Click here to view more videos.


Update Vegetable Garden Video

Here is an updated video from late September. It’s really turned hot and muggy since this video. It must be an Indian Summer. The Garden is much larger now which you will see on the next video coming soon.

October Days in the Garden

It’s getting hot again. Today it is 95 degrees in the middle of October. Check out some of the growing items that will soon be on the menu. Also check out one of the wonders that visited the garden. I already ate the green beans and still waiting for the peas.

Spaghetti Squash




Baby Moon and Stars watermelon

waterm 1

Alien visitor

Big Dragon fly

October garden

October garden

Fall Vegetable garden

Fall is here and we are planting tomatoes, broccoli, Squash, cucumbers, and watermelon. The garden has been upgraded and is almost there. Check out the video. I hope it inspires you to grow your own garden.

4th of July Garden Update

Bring out the sparklers and bottle rockets. The Vegetable garden is still kicking. I do wonder if all the smoke tonight will affect the plants. Here’s the most recent video of the garden. I use a small digital camera for filming. I need to work on projecting my voice clearer in the video.

Happy 4th everyone.

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