Quick Gardens is going to Video

I have created a Youtube channel for this blog so everyone can follow the garden project in a more interactive way. I am finding it is much easier to show the process in video than try to explain it in writing. Click here for the Quick GardensYoutube channel to keep updated on the latest helpful tips, the good and bad, my cat and the Give A Garden Project. I created this blog for all those who would like to grow there own food no matter where they are. Here is the first video that started it all. Click here to view more videos.



Update for Fall Vegetable Garden

This is fun. Tomatoes have been scarce this year. It looks like the rainy days are over, weather is cooling and veggies are growing. How is your garden doing?

Here is a list of what I’ve planted this fall.

Mortgage lifter and super beefsteak tomatoes, butternut, buttercup and Spaghetti squash, Zucchini, Blue lake beans, Amish snap peas, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Broccoli, Chocolate peppers and Ice box watermelon.



Vegetable Garden Update 10

The Icebox Watermelon is about ready for harvest. Pulled tomato plants and planted Southern beans and zucchini squash.
Check it out.

Mold on My Tomatoes

Summer can be tough for vegetables in Florida. Here is an example of how mold can ruin a crop.

moldy tomato 1

The lesson is to avoid planting tomatoes too late in spring. If your plants look sickly don’t be shy. Pull them up and wait till fall to plant more. The good news is a package of seeds is one dollar. You will have more than enough seeds for several seasons and lots of tomaotoes.

Alert- Blight disease hits eastern US states

Plant disease hits eastern US veggies hard.

CONCORD, N.H. – Tomato plants have been removed from stores in half a dozen states as a destructive and infectious plant disease makes its earliest and most widespread appearance ever in the eastern United States.  Click here to read the rest of the story

Click here to view more pictures of blight diseased tomato plants.

It doesn’t look like any of my plants have been affected. I stopped buying store bought plants due to other past disease and pest issues in the past.

4th of July Garden Update

Bring out the sparklers and bottle rockets. The Vegetable garden is still kicking. I do wonder if all the smoke tonight will affect the plants. Here’s the most recent video of the garden. I use a small digital camera for filming. I need to work on projecting my voice clearer in the video.

Happy 4th everyone.

Mosaic Virus and Cucumber

It looks like the Mosaic Virus has attacked the cucumber plants.Mosaic
Summers are tough on plants in Florida. I’ll just remove them and put some peas in during the fall season.

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